Monday, April 28, 2008


Okay, so I've been enjoying Veronica Mars. I get obsessed with a show, watch all the episodes and then move on--usually after the show is abruptly cancelled and disappoints me. It's happened so many times....Alias, JAG, Remember WENN (did anyone else ever watch this show? It was on AMC like a decade ago) and so many more...

So I decided to make Teddy Dunn my hottie tonight....who stars as "Duncan Kane" on Veronica Mars. Well, I did a little bit of Wikipedia research and then found out HE LEAVES THE SHOW in season two. Great--so he and Veronica won't ever be together!?! This is the problem of watching cancelled TV shows--you can find out waaaay too easily what's happened. I shall have to guard my eyes from now on.

So, although I'm a bit upset that you left the show, Teddy, you can star in Hottie Monday.

He looks like a teddy bear, doesn't he?

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