Thursday, April 17, 2008

Too boring

I picked out Sarah Andrews' In Cold Pursuit because it is set in Antarctica. I stopped reading it because it was so boring.

The cover is so gorgeous that it's a shame the copyeditors didn't pay more attention to what was inside it. Seriously, I have never seen such lousy proofing! Quote marks were ALL OVER the place. I honestly wonder if Andrews wrote the book without using any quote marks and then some poor entry-level editor had to go in and add them--and then really screwed it up.

The plot is this: a gorgeous, exotic-yet-very-waaaaay-too-self-conscious grad student goes to Antarctica to study ice. Her adviser is in jail, charged with murder, and she decides to clear his name. But she's not a detective--she doesn't fool anyone with her "questioning" and subtle "hi, we just met, but why didn't my grad adviser kill this random guy."

Also, the main character, Valena, is so preachy on the topic of global warming. I could handle some subtle work-ins of the topic, but nooooooooo, she preaches it to everyone. Seriously, she met this random guy (and that's another whole issue--way too many one-bit characters; I lost track of everyone) and starts talking about global warming. His responses were so lame--literally, Valena talked about greenhouse gases and his response was "oh, I guess that's a bad thing, huh?" and her response was, "Yeah, it is! And here's another page-long rant on the topic." Sarah Andrews, that's not dialogue. Psssh.

So, I don't recommend this book. It's boring, heavy-handed on global warming, poorly edited and just not worth your time. Even the description of Antarctica parts were dull and science-laden, which made me sad.

Rating: 4/10

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