Sunday, April 27, 2008

Four in one?

I've been a busy reading girl this week. (Since it's FINALLY warm enough to be outside for longer than 10 minutes, I've started eating my lunch outside, which translates to more reading time. It's amazing how surfing the Internet can eat your lunch break away. Hmmm.)

So in the past week I've finished and/or read:
A Broken Vessel by Kate Ross (the second mystery that features Julian Kestrel, who I really like)
--- Nice mystery, interesting characters, good twists
--- Rating: 8.5/10

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner
--- Young Adult novel, fantasy adventure novel, mystery (kind of), great ending
--- Rating: 9/10

Coil of Serpents by Anne Stevenson (yeah, I couldn't find a good link for this book)
--- Good for fans of Mary Stewart: it featured a girl who travels abroad, looking for her "missing" (aka just hiding out, mooching off of people) stepfather who falls in love with a suspicious guy. Danger, adventure, traveling and history abound. I thought it was set in the 1950s...until it randomly mentioned a disco. Yeah, it's set in the 1970s, but it didn't end up bothering me. I'd re-read it.
--- Rating: 9/10

Book I did not finish:
The Silk Vendetta by Victoria Holt
--- So overdramatic and filled with the same lines over and over and over and over. It was dull and BORING.
--- Rating: 5/10

I'm heading off to Tennessee later this week and am hoping to get more good reading time in. Yay.


Jennie said...

Ooh, I'm a fan of Mary Stewart. I'm writing that book down--I've never heard of it.

And I have the first Julian Kestrel book and The Thief in my TBR. :)

rachel said...

I stumbled across her book in my library--the old-school cover caught my eye. :)