Sunday, January 6, 2008


Today I finished re-reading Death in the Andamans by M.M. Kaye. I bought the book used and it had this lovely cover:

Mmmm, I can't resist a fun cover like this. Romance! A man in some sort of naval uniform! Mystery! Gold lamé!

The book is part of Kaye's six (or seven?) part series of "Death in..." books. They read quite similar to some of Mary Stewart's works, featuring a girl who must solve a mystery and finds love at the same time. Death in the Andamans had a very...creepy feel to it. Seriously, the atmosphere just seeps out of this book.

The plot is set right before WWII and a group of houseguests get stranded on a little island in the Andamans. A few murders, tropical storms and mysterious happenings later and you've got a good book. This story features Copper Randal (who I always want to call Cooper), who is visiting her friend Valerie.

Rating: 8/10

I personally like Death in Kashmir best, but all Kaye's books are great---they just have that certain 1950s flavor to them. All six (or seven? I really think it's just six, though) were recently republished. Check 'em out!


Jennie said...

Have you ever read Kaye's The Far Pavilions? It's epic (like 800 pages or something), but really fantastic. I've read a couple of the Death in books (including this one, which I remember because I liked the heroine's name), but you're reminding me I should get some more of them.

And do you like Mary Stewart? I am a HUGE Mary Stewart fan. Love, love, love all her books. :)

rachel said...

I've heard that "The Far Pavilions" was excellent. I've been meaning to read that and "Trade Winds." I think that one has pirates in it, which is generally fun.

And yes, I love Mary Stewart!
"Nine Coaches Waiting," "Touch Not the Cat," "This Rough Magic".... and I could go on and on. :) I haven't tried her Merlin series yet, though. Have you?

Jennie said...

You know, since I'm a self-proclaimed Mary Stewart expert, I'm kind of ashamed to say that I haven't read her Merlin series. I will. One day. I just can't get as excited about them as I do her romantic suspense books.

And you named three of my MS favorites! I also really love My Brother Michael and Madame, Will You Talk. :)

rachel said...

I know that the Merlin books will read so differently, so I'm not excited about them either. :) Give me romantic suspense anyday....

Also, I love "My Brother Michael"! My library doesn't have "Madame, Will You Talk?" so that's on my request list. I hear it's a great one.

Jennie said...

It is. It was her very first book and is a bit more dramatic than some of her others. Great car chase scene.

rachel said...

Sounds good! I've just requested it from my library--I'll do a post on it once I read it.