Sunday, January 13, 2008

In one fell swoop

Ok, so I'm still reading The Wonder Worker, but last night I was just in the mood for a Victorian mystery/romance. Thankfully Silent in the Grave, which I had ordered from my public library, came in earlier that afternoon!

I finished it in one reading, which isn't all that common for me anymore. (I think the last one I read in one sitting was Twilight, which I did just read this fall....that book was definitely a 10!) Silent in the Grave opens with Lady Julia Grey watching her husband die. Over the next year and a half, her world is upset as she discovers the truth about his death and life, with the help of private investigator Nicholas Brisbane.

I really liked the biting interactions between Julia and Nicholas. One of my favorite scenes is when Nicholas has had a bit too much absinthe to drink...ah, good times. This is the first in a series, so the romance isn't over the top yet, but I'm eagerly looking forward to the second book, which, lucky for me, just came out this month.

And on a last note, this book was published under MIRA Books, which is a subset of Harlequin. I was surprised to read that, so I checked out MIRA's other publications and none even look remotely similiar to Raybourn's book. Seriously, does that cover even make you think the book has anything to do with Harlequin? Anyway, forget about who published it, and just enjoy!

Rating: 9/10

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