Friday, August 22, 2008


My nervous book binge can stop; I got the job I wanted. Now, it's just nerves about the first week or so of work. I hate being in uncomfortable situations and starting a new job is so awkward. Where do I eat lunch? Can I surreptitiously check my personal email? What do I wear? Oh, and there's the little part where I think this job will actually be challenging--which seriously will be a first for me. I normally am incredibly bored at work (which is why I must be able to check my email!). Anyway, this new job doesn't have an hour lunch break like my old one, so the number of books I read will go down. So sad.

Anyway, I picked up a Velda Johnson book for $1 at a local used bookstore. She evidently wrote (still writes?) gothic mysteries. Masquerade in Venice, published in 1970, features Sara Randall, an American spinster. She's about 24 and after the shady death of her employer, she goes off to live with her great-aunt in Venice. Mystery abounds.

Oh, and did I mention that her ex-fiancé somehow finds out that Sara is living in Venice and rents a room in the house??? Oh, and that he and Sara are fighting/still in love but he SLEEPS WITH HER COUSIN EIGHT TIMES because (and this is my summary of his quote): "You didn't actually expect me to stay chaste even though I'm here in Venice STAYING WITH YOUR FAMILY all so I can win you back? Well, sorry, you've been too mean to me and I have needs that your slutty cousin can fulfill." My only response? OMG. Sara, find yourself a better man.

Masquerade in Venice is basically a standard gothic novel. I didn't expect excellence and I didn't get it--but it wasn't an awful read, either.

Rating: 6/10

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