Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two in two

I'm on a reading binge, as I have less than a week left of freedom--the new job starts next Tuesday! In honor of my Elizabeth Peters' summer, I read Devil-May-Care and then to suit my nautical mood, Mad Kestrel (by Misty Massey).

First of all, Devil-May-Care is also the name of a James Bond book. Anyway, Peters' book is a stand alone novel, featuring an old mansion plagued by ghosts. There was definitely a more Barbara Michaels-esque feeling to this book, except toward the end when more comedy was added. The book was funny and interesting. The plot is this: Ellie and her tight-laced fiancé visit her crazy Aunt Kate, who is about to set off on an adventure. Ellie stays to watch Kate's house and animals but soon she has several midnight visitors...who appear to be ghosts. Add in an appealing and attractive neighbor and you've got a funny mystery. I love knowing that Peters' satisfies my reading needs each time!

Rating: 8/10

Up next, pirates! I like this cover of Mad Kestrel.

While I like the art, for some bizarre reason, it reminds me of Théodore Géricault's The Raft of the Medusa. Perhaps that's just my art history classes peeping up in my subconscious...

One aspect I liked about this book was that it's a fantasy. There's magic and it's set in a different world. There was plently of adventure and swashbuckling scenes. While the main character, Kestrel, is a lady pirate, it seemed plausible. She was realistic about what she could and couldn't do. There wasn't as much romance as I'd like but hopefully there will be in books to come...

It's a debut novel and I think it shows a little bit (more telling than seeing). Still, it was a good read and I'd be happy to keep on reading this author.

Rating: 7/10

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Angiegirl said...

Glad to see you enjoyed Mad Kestrel. I quite liked it and agree with you on the romance bit in the next one.