Monday, August 25, 2008

They won

I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the US men's volleyball team play...and win gold! Great job, gentlemen. Sean didn't play too much, but did do an excellent job subbing in to serve. In honor of the team, my hottie today is a guy who did get to play a lot: Rich Lambourne, the libero.

There may be better photos of him out there but all I could find were mainly action shots like this one. Rich is #5.

They are excited to be winners! Yay! Anyway, thanks to him, I now know what a libero is (a defensive and passing specialist who wears a different colored jersey).

So until 2010 (when hopefully my old roommate and I will be there in person), farewell to the Olympics--it's been so nice spending wayyyyy too much time with you every day.

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