Monday, August 18, 2008

Volleyball awesomeness

Isn't it sad how you can forget happy memories? This week, while watching the Olympics, I was reminded of a happy college memory.

For some reason, my friends and I watched the 2005 NCAA National Men's Volleyball Finals. Why? I have no idea other than it was on ESPN and had tons of good-looking athletic men playing. My favorite athlete was Sean Rooney from Pepperdine. His skill helped Pepperdine win the league...and my heart. Just kidding. Anyway, somehow I had forgotten about him for the last three years--until I saw him play for Team USA Men's Volleyball in the Olympics. I was shocked--how had I FORGOTTEN about Sean?!? So to make it up, I've watched all the USA men's volleyball matches for far (admittedly fastforwarding until Sean plays). Sean now has a "gimpy knee" according to a newscaster, but whatever, he's still amazing. Go #2!!

Haven't the Olympics been awesome so far? I'm fortunate enough to live far north enough to get the Canadian channel (CBC) so I've been able to enjoy more than just NBC and USA's coverage. I've been loving my DVR, too....and I've watched more TV this week than in the last two months combined. Yikes.

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