Saturday, May 10, 2008


Not too long ago, I read Priced to Move. It was okay--okay enough that I decided to read A Steal of a Deal, the second book in the series.

Pretty cover; annoying writing inside. It's southern chick lit on overdrive--way too hick for me. (Yeah, it's set in Kentucky.) There was a lot of bad grammar (aka dialect), annoying asides, too many emotions and a lack of reasoning by the main character, Andie. Seriously, I wanted to smack this girl.

The plot is very similar to the first book. The stars of STUD (a home shopping network) go to an exotic place and get entangled in gem smuggling, murder and mayhem. Andie then struggles with her warring emotions toward Max, her STUD show co-star. She consistently suspects him of awful things, but you know that he's innocent. You just want to smack her for being so ridiculous.

What conclusively proved to me that this book wasn't so great is that I picked out the murderer in the first 40 pages or so--and a murder hadn't even occurred yet! It was just way too obvious.

At least it was a super fast and light read.

Rating: 4/10

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