Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Once, twice, three times a lady

I really liked Hester Browne's The Little Lady Agency. The main character, brunette Melissa, is kind of a pushover but she starts her own business where she helps "manage" men. She provides all sorts of advice--clothing, gifts, how to start a conversation, etc.,--makeover help, breaks bad habits and more. She helps out men who need a little lady's touch.

Did I mention she also dresses up? She becomes "Honey," a sexy blonde bombshell who somehow drips with the confidence Melissa lacks. Unfortunately (at least in my opinion), Melissa/Honey ends up falling for one of her clients, a brash American named Jonathan. Melissa/Honey and Jonathan fall in love and Melissa doesn't end up with her wonderful flatmate Nelson. Boo.

In book two, Melissa and Jonathan take off to New York, where Jonathan is manipulating and controlling and has red hair and I don't like red hair on guys. Yes, I spent most of Little Lady, Big Apple mad at how Jonathan was treating Melissa. And it was very hard to tell whether Browne wanted us to like him or not...I still don't know. I didn't like how he tried to run her business but Melissa didn't seem too upset by it. Whatever; I still don't like Jonathan.

So, with all that in mind (namely that I hate the fun, nice, sweet main character's love interest), I was a bit hesitant about The Little Agency and the Prince.

First things first: gorgeous cover! I love that purple shade. It's elegant and classy. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Because it was so pretty, I decided to read it. However, I broke one of my reading rules: I peeked. I had to know if Melissa ended up with Jonathan. I did finish reading the book, so maybe that'll tell you that I was happy with the answer.

****Spoiler alert***
I just wish that she had broken up with that loser sooner and not wasted the first two books on him! Booo Jonathan. I was very happy who she did end up with, though! Yay Nelson!

Anyway, the book was fine, but I think I just liked the idea of the first one the most. I don't care about Melissa's annoying dad, vague sister, drug mule sister or various manipulators in her life; I want to hear about the Little Lady Agency. And her good love interest.

True, a good part of the book is about Melissa helping Prince Nicolas become a true prince and less Euro-trash, but there was still too much Jonathan in the book for me.

So, all in all, I'm glad there was a nice ending; I just wish Jonathan hadn't been in the series at all.

Rating: 6/10

And on a side note, Euro-trash is such a fun insult! I'm totally going to try to use it tomorrow.

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