Thursday, February 28, 2008

A (Sebastian) of hope

As we all know, I trust Amazon's recommendations. Well, they've been recommending C. S. Harris' Sty. Cyr series for years now (okay, two years). I've been interested in the series, but it's one of those backburner ones for me.

Pretty cover...almost gothic. Love the blue/red contrast.

The book itself was good; interesting mystery, interesting characters, great mystery (totally fooled me!) and a fascinating hero. I'm planning on continuing the series.

I really enjoyed the main hero, Sebastian St. Cyr--has demons from his past, is smart, was involved in military intelligence and yeah, overall I liked him. He has been falsely accused of murder(s) and works to clear his name. However, his first name made me laugh and here's why:

I worked for a newspaper for a year. I was in charge of letters to the editor. One day, some man mailed us a passionate letter about something that needed change (I can't remember what). He wrote, blah blah blah "is a Sebastian of hope." Ha! He meant bastion but wrote Sebastian instead. We in the newsroom had a nice laugh at him. Anyway, that name has had special meaning for me ever's been a Sebastian of hope for me.

Rating: 7.5/10

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