Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just a well-written mystery

A Fête Worse Than Death by Dolores Gordon-Smith was a random read for me. I saw the second book in the series in the library, liked the cover and the plot description, so I decided to read the first book.

Set in post-WWI England, this cozy mystery features Major Jack Haldean. He's visiting his relatives in the countryside when a murder occurs. As a mystery writer and sort of an amateur crimesolver, Jack offers his help to the local police. As Jack and the local inspector delve into the mystery, links to an incident from The Great War start to emerge--but links to his own family's involvement also emerge, making this mystery quite personal.

I thought the book was really well-written. It was one of those books that I'd periodically say to myself, "I'm impressed; this is good writing." There's no romance; just straight-up mystery. As always, the ending surprised me but made perfect sense.

I tend to like more romance in my mysteries, so I may not read the next one...or I may, just because I like Gordon-Smith's style. It was true to the era--the 1920s--and yet not annoying at all. Nicely done, Mrs. G-S.

Rating: 9/10


Dolores said...

Dear Rachel
Thanks very much for the nice comments you made about my book "A Fete Worse Than Death". As it was my first book, I was a bit nervous who it would go down and have been really pleased by some of the reactions. (And less estastic about others but that's life!)I love the whole mystery genre of the 1920's and wanted to create something similiar in style and tone to the original. The second book, "Mad About The Boy?" does have romance in it - strictly relevant to the plot - so you might like to get it from the library or Amazon or wherever. If you want to know more about Jack, there's a sort of biography of him on my website, I painted the pictures - I'm proud of those!
Thanks again and all the best,
PS Would it be OK if I posted your comments on my website?

Dolores said...

Sorry; I should have said "How it would go down" not "Who it would go down". Der!