Thursday, July 17, 2008

Book sale pickings

The library's book sale was overflowing with hardcover books for $1. I picked up four books, including a nonfiction read (shocking for me!), a mystery, an Anne Stevenson mystery and an academic/history mystery.

I only bought Hell Hath No Curry because it is a "Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery with Recipes." How...odd. Unfortunately, it's also like book 20 in the series, so I'm way out of the loop. The series features a Mennonite woman who solves mysteries. All the titles feature a play on some type of food.

I haven't finished it yet and I'm not sure I will...I hate coming into a series blind. So we'll see.


Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

I just like the title.

rachel said...

Evidently a lot of books in that series play on food and some sort of I remember is the "The Crepes of Wrath." I like punny people. :)