Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holding my opinion until

The most bizarre thing happened to me. I was reading Cicada Summer by Andrea Beaty and hit page 138--which could've been the ending--or not. I don't know because the book REPEATED itself. It jumped from page 138 back to page 110 again. It was so bizarre! I even skim read those pages just to make sure it wasn't a postmodern ending or something like that. Nope. The printers had simply screwed up majorly and repeated a few chapters.

How sad for me! Now I have to request it from another library to see how it actually ends. (On a side note, sometimes books on Amazon have a "Look Inside" feature, which I have discovered how to manipulate. I've read whole chapters with that feature...but sadly, Cicada Summer did not have that feature available.) Until then, I'll hold my opinion of the book....other than this: isn't that a GORGEOUS cover?? It's simply beautiful and old-fashioned and a work of art.


Three Silly Chicks said...

Dear Rachel!

Waahhh is right! How awful that your copy of Cicada Summer repeated itself. I can tell you that I love pages 118-138 of the novel, but even I don't want to read them over and over and over and never reach the end! And I wrote the book! EEEEK!! Please e-mail me off the list and we'll see if there is anything I can do to help. THanks, and sorry that this happened. All my best, Andrea Beaty

email: andreabeaty at gmail dot com

SkeeterVM said...

Hey, Rachel,

I am Andrea's editor--she sent me a link to your blog. This sort of binding error does occur occasionally. Books are printed in folios of 16 pages and sometimes, in the process of binding, the folios are not sorted in the correct order and thus pages repeat or are not there at all. This is a rare occurence and, on the bright side, makes the book a bit of a keepsake, but is understandably frustrating when you are trying to finish the darn thing. If you send me your address, I'll repace your copy. I'm at svanmetre at hnabooks dot com. Thanks, Susan

Kayfive said...

Hi. I'm so glad I found this posting. I just "finished" reading Cicada Summer to my fifth grade students who were completely enthralled with the story. I was confused when we reached the climatic scene with Tinny in the barn with Ring Man because that's where the book began to repeat chapters. I too thought this was some sort of mysterious ending but then realized it was an error. We were let down and even thought maybe this is how the story ended, which was disappointing to say the least. But now I'm so excited to share with my students there is more to the story and we can get some closure. :) please advise on what to do with my hard copy of the book. I'd rather not purchase another one. Thank you! Great book thus far!

rachel said...

I'm so glad you stumbled across my blog and figured it out! A different library had a correct binding, which was how I ended up reading the end (and yes, there's a real ending!). So a different library might have a copy, or you could contact the author herself at andreabeaty at gmail dot com. Hope you and your students get to experience the end. :)